People, process, and tools – keeping cyber attackers at bay

Episode 5: People, process, and tools – keeping cyber attackers at bay

On this episode of Decrypted Chatter, we focus on cyber resilience, business continuity, how to prepare for and react in the face of disaster or cyber attack, and what recovery plans are most effective in staying cyber resilient during these events.

Show notes

Welcome to another episode of Decrypted Chatter – the Podcast for all things networking, troubleshooting and cybersecurity! In this episode, our host, Mike Canney, welcomes UnderDefense’s CEO, Nazar Tymoshyk. UnderDefense is a globally top-ranked firm by Gartner and Clutch, who provides cyber resiliency consulting and technology-enabled services to anticipate, manage and defend against cyber threats.

You’ve got some tools in place, so where should you look next in terms of hardening your organization’s cyber resiliency?

Mike and Nazar’s very topical conversation revolves around cyber resilience and business continuity. Today, more and more companies are getting breached and may not even know it. It’s no longer a matter of “if”, but “when” it can happen to you. So, how can you prepare most effectively? One suggestion, getting the people, processes, and tools in place. Listen in as they discuss how taking appropriate actions, being prepared, and knowing your assets and risks can save your organization many times over. What are the crown jewels your organization must protect at all costs? It’s time to start mulling it over!



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